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Brighten Dark,Black Spot & Eye Circles, Clear Stretch Mark, Sun burn,Pimple & Acne, Remove Wrinkles & Rejuvenates Skin To Look Youthful.

100% Natural Rice Extracts.

This White Rice Serum helps brighten dark spot, blemishes & scars. Gets rid of Acne, Wrinkles & Effects of Aging! 

It Literally Shrink pores in a few days & Moisturizes the skin, leaving the skin Shining, Flawless & Beautiful..

  • Quick & Instant visible result in few days...
  • Mild & Gentle on the skin...
  • Risk free & no after Effects
  • Works on all skin type
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Price per one: > N6,000

White Rice + Lavender oil 

N12,000 > N10,000

Glowing & Flawless Skin

How To Use It

  1. Wash the face with soap and water, then dry the face.
  2. Use the finger tip to collect little amount of the serum and gently apply to the face.

    Alternatively, use the dropper to extract some amount of the  serum, then release 3-5 drops to the palm and use the finger tip to collect and apply to the face.

  3.  Don’t rub hard on the face, gently apply and massage in circle. 



We recommend daily of 2 times (Morning & Night). Adhere to continues use to help improve the skin faster.

Can be used as facial or body cream or Mix a small amount with your regular cream.

Use directly on your skin for the first 4-days and mix some quantity with your regular cream & see result in 7days

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